Arnaud Dunand

Chef / Owner

Chef Arnaud Dunand Sauthier, a master of French Cuisine and culinary icon in Bangkok restaurant’s scene, found his passion for cooking during his childhood in the mountains of Savoie region, France. Starting from the tender age of 12, Chef Arnaud instantly fell in love with cooking and ultimately where his culinary journey began. His journey has brought him to work in some of the most esteemed kitchens and renowned culinary talents globally, including Marc Veyrat, Jacques Lameloise, and Jean Francois Piège at Hôtel de Crillon.

In 2012, Chef Arnaud was given the helm to Le Normandie’s acclaimed kitchen where he combined his expertise of classic French cooking technique and using only best produces sourced directly from France. He was able to propel Le Normandie to new gastronomic heights and earning two Michelin stars in the premier edition of Michelin Guide Bangkok in 2017 and has ever since maintained these stars until his departure from this world-renowned establishment.

“25 years being in the industry, I was always known for my classic French cuisine, using only French ingredients. After my travel and spending some times in Asia, the cultural diversity opened up my senses to reroute my culinary journey. In Maison Dunand, I would like to introduce you to something more personal, a cuisine inspired from my travels around the globe while staying true to my roots, Savoie region and France”

As time has come, Chef Arnaud’s next step of his culinary journey has already embarked, with his own restaurant set to open early 2022. In the meantime, he has taken over Gaggan Anand Restaurant temporarily for three months as a chance to maintain the connection with the legion of loyal customers but also giving a glimpse of what to expect in next in his journey.

Our Cuisine

Maison Dunand

The foundation of his cuisine holds true to his roots, the Savoie Region, set in the midst of the French Alps. Heart warming and generous cuisine, that relies exclusively on products and ingredients from the natural surroundings. While the philosophy focuses on the seasonality of ingredients, respect of terroir and the simultaneously experimentation of associating ingredients. We are fortunate to be working closely with artisanal producers locally and globally that has strived to create a cuisine that has influences from all over the world. From working closely with local Northern Thai producers to small-scale, sustainable producer in Japan and France, it is our honour to highlight these ingredients through our cooking while respecting its purest flavour.

Here at Maison Dunand, Chef Arnaud combines the foundation and philosophy of his cuisine while integrating his childhood memories and global culinary travels. The dishes tap into Chef’s personal experiences and narratives while presented in a refined and intimate manner. Every dish has its own story to tell, every ingredient has its own place and its “raison d’être”, every association of flavour is precisely curated to create a harmonious balance on the palate. As we move onto the next stage, the team here looks forward to taking you on a journey, from the taste that you experience to the memories behind it.